Extra manpower for the sales team

berbel continues its growth course

Extra manpower for the sales team

Rheine, June 2017 – berbel is on a very successful course. Innovative product development, repeatedly extended assembly and logistics facilities at the headquarters in Rheine, the in-house customer services and the committed sales team are the pillars on which the company’s success rests. Over the past 9 years, the company has grown by 100 staff members to a current total of 145 staff. The company management of berbel Ablufttechnik GmbH, which consists of Nina Feldmann and Peter Ahlmer as well as Beat Ernst (shareholders representative), continues its successful course with ambitious growth figures. Peter Ahlmer is now focussing on product development, aiming to reinforce the company’s technology leadership. Nina Feldmann is responsible for the in-house specialist departments and is in charge of business organisation.

New arrival to the internal sales team
Anette Janssen has been responsible for the internal sales team since 1 March 2017. Ms Janssen has many years of experience in the area of sales. Together with the back office team, she is going to further develop our relations with specialist retailers and consumers. Our top priority is to deliver the best extractor hoods paired with the best customer services. The berbel team’s successful work is reflected in annual growth of more than 20 %.

New arrival to the sales team
berbel’s sales team is also growing. Markus Wegmann is a real industry expert, and he is going to take on a significant role with berbel from 1 September 2017. In addition to trade association activities he will be taking over further responsibilities in the area of sales. Our goal is to continue our growth course and to eventually convince all specialist retailers of berbel’s products. Furthermore, Markus Wegmann is going to be in charge of the Austrian export market, for which we will establish a local sales team.  “Markus Wegmann has many years of industry experience and valuable know-how. We are very happy that we could win him over for berbel,” says graduate engineer Peter Ahlmer.

New staff member with great experience
Markus Wegmann has been working in the industry since 1992 and he has profound sales and leadership experience. His most recent position was with Franke GmbH in Bad Säcking, as retail sales manger.