Unconditional quality

Chef Kevin von Holt is ambassador of the berbel Formline brand campaign.
Unconditional quality

berbel living excellence – Unconditional quality
Quality results from the interaction and use of excellent ingredients. Through experience and a great deal of intuition. With powerful technology and a discreetly simple design, the berbel headroom hood Formline provides the basis for craftsmanship in perfection.

Enjoyable cooking begins with unconditional quality in the kitchen
Kevin von Holt - chef and recipe developer - is the second berbel brand ambassador alongside interior designer Andreas Neudahm. For the passionate chef, “enjoyable cooking begins with unconditional quality in the kitchen“, and that includes good products: “Everyone inevitably has to deal with the issue of food. No matter what form. But only a few do it passionately and with absolute dedication.“ His cooking style is characterised by the idea of not transforming the aroma of a product, but rather specifically emphasising it. He shares this love of detail and craftsmanship with berbel.

Pure stainless steel in industrial design. Easy to use and powerful performance. The robust, completely welded stainless steel body of the berbel Formline impresses with its optimised proportions.This headroom hood combines everything that makes a berbel extractor so special. It is the result of German Engineering skill, which is characterised by passion, best quality, great design, ease of use and functionality.

“There is never any compromise on quality - and neither is there with my tools: A sharp knife and smart kitchen appliances appeal to me just as much as a unique design. And that is exactly what Living Excellence means to me: When something that works well meets something that thinks for me and also looks good, it touches all of my senses and I feel what matters in the kitchen: The passion to enhance people‘s quality of life with good food and to take them away from everyday life for a moment,“ explains Kevin von Holt, who appreciates well thought-out kitchen gadgets in the preparation of delicious food.

Living Excellence - that‘s what berbel stands for with extractor hood solutions for every kitchen situation, equipped with patented technology to eliminate cooking and frying vapours. Unconditional and strong performance through the power of the centrifuge, without the use of grease filters and conventional filter technology. The passionate chef is the face of the new berbel campaign - Unconditional quality.