Top rating for berbel

Stiftung Warentest tested 18 extractor hoods in recirculation mode.
Top rating for berbel

The Ergoline 2 from berbel is the best in removing grease and odours
The timeless bevelled design, coupled with technical refinements for maximum efficiency in vapour capture, makes this extractor a real allrounder. The headroom hood Ergoline 2 fits perfectly with high-quality kitchen designs. The patented BackFlow technology effectively filters cooking and frying vapours out of the air and prevents condensation from forming on the front surface. In the test for odour elimination, the odour filter from berbel filled with activated charcoal proved to be outstanding: “After just 30 minutes, only a few odour molecules were measurable in the air. This is almost as effective as an exhaust air operation“, the editors say and add: Therefore, recirculation hoods regularly need new odour filters. berbel sells the refill pack of activated charcoal for 71 euros. Depending on usage, that‘s enough for two to three years.“ Competitor products are many times more expensive in comparison, as the activated carbon filters have to be replaced after only two to six months.

Of the 18 extractor hoods tested, only 5 high-priced models received the test result “good“ for removing grease and odours. “In the test, only five extractor hoods with a good filtering effect were convincing. Overall, the most effective against grease and odours is the expensive berbel“, confirms Stiftung Warentest in its 3/21 issue. berbel also leads the field in the second most important criterion, noise.

berbel extractor hoods are the perfect kitchen companions
berbel has already received several design awards for its headroom hoods. The extractor hoods of the Ergoline 2 family are available in different colour variants and sizes and can be planned for any kitchen situation. The ergonomically designed shape offers absolute freedom of movement when cooking. The patented technology of the berbel principle, which eliminates cooking and frying fumes through the power of the centrifuge and without the use of conventional grease filters, makes berbel extractor hoods the perfect partners for every kitchen lover. Editor‘s note: “berbel works without conventional grease filters. The extractor hood draws in the fumes through a narrow gap, accelerates the air and redirects it. The resulting centrifugal force expels the fat particles from the air. The oil lands in two collecting trays and a sieve.“

The ventilation expert berbel from Rheine in Westphalia has achieved the top rating in the headroom hood segment. The superior performance in terms of sustainability - low power consumption, low noise as well as safety and workmanship - underlines the good rating. 
“Good recirculation hoods are expensive. Overall, the headroom hood Ergoline 2, BKH 90 EG-2, from berbel eliminates grease and odours best“, according to the editors of Stiftung Warentest.

Tip: Absolutely maintenance-free with the berbel permalyt® filter
berbel has a self-regenerating and maintenance-free filter in its programme. This reliably and permanently transforms unpleasant kitchen odours into pure air without the need for maintenance. The filter mats of the berbel permalyt® filters are made of a special type of active carbon. Up to 97 percent of the odours are eliminated. A thermocatalytic process neutralises the odours with the help of a catalyst.