berbel wins ICONIC AWARDS 2021

berbel Downline Performance receives the first design award.
berbel wins ICONIC AWARDS 2021

berbel is winner of the ICONIC AWARDS 2021: Innovative Interior
berbel is honored with the ICONIC AWARDS 2021*: Innovative Interior for outstanding design quality and receives the award: »Winner« for berbel Downline Performance in the kitchen and house-hold category. „We are very pleased that berbel was able to convince the jury with its significant, restrained design and that we received the Winner Award for one of our Downline trough fans for the first time,“ says Annette Frommeyer, Head of berbel Marketing. „The award confirms that we are on the right track with brand management and encourages us to continue in doing so.“

The ICONIC AWARDS: Innovative Interiors pursue a holistic design claim - furniture and appliances are no longer seen as solitaires, but as design elements within a holistic staging. The result is living areas designed down to the last detail, which offer their residents a maximum of atmosphere and individual expression. Technical devices with added value that are designed with great effort and care are also considered. The extraction specialist from Rheine in Westphalia has developed a new type of ventilation concept with optimized energy efficiency: Downline Performance. Minimalistly reduced in design, reliably powerful in terms of performance. This means that the trough fan also opens up more options for kitchen planning, which makes it particularly attractive for open plan kitchens. berbel has made a name for itself with its variety of extractor hoods for every kitchen situation and a unique, patented technology.

The Downline Performance hob extractor fan has these outstanding characteristics of a berbel extractor. With the Downline family and the patented berbel principle, berbel offers maximum efficiency in removing cooking and frying vapours and the best air purification in the smallest of spaces. The innovative ventilation system of the Performance ensures with a single, powerful fan and the aerodynamically designed separation unit for a consistently strong fat separation with lower energy consumption at the same time. That means a classification in the energy efficiency class A +. From January 2021, the regenerative, maintenance-free berbel permalyt® odour filter for the Downline family will be new to the range.

*The German Design Council was founded in 1953 on the initiative of the German Bundestag in order to strengthen the design competence of the German economy. Its diverse activities pursue one goal: Communicating the sustainable increase in brand value through the strategic use of design. The competitions initiated by the German Design Council enjoy a high reputation worldwide.