High speed in the kitchen

berbel Downline. More than a hob extractor fan.
High speed in the kitchen

The berbel Downline is an induction hob with an integrated extractor hood. Since the product launch, the hob extractor fan has become a best-seller within a few months and has been awarded as the best product in various categories. Which is pretty good. But the best thing happens while working with it. Then a downdraft becomes a downcraft.

More than a hob extractor fan
The choice of design and technology is always a question of style. Men not only cook differently, they also have a slightly different view of what counts for them in the kitchen when choosing the equipment. There are two types: One kitchen looks like a workshop, full of accessories and selected equipment. The other is like a puristic work of art, characterized by fine materials and precise order. Both kitchen rooms serve a higher purpose: time to relax.

A masterpiece
The hob extractor fan berbel Downline can do both, it is a workbench and a design object in one. Working zone and reduced statement. Produced in Rheine, Westphalia, this downdraft has all the outstanding features that berbel stands for. It is the result of German engineering, coupled with a passion for quality, design, ease of use and functionality. Integrated into the induction hob developed by berbel, the extractor hood ensures effective air purification at the scene with the patented berbel principle. The cooking vapours, consisting of air, water and fat, are drawn into the inside fo the extractor. There the air flow is diverted through two bends. This creates centrifugal force. Fats and oils are separated using this principle and the air can continue to flow unhindered.The result: Permanent, consistently high fat separation without performance-reducing fat filter technology and loss of suction power.

With innovative ideas
The hob extractor hood with the intuitive induction hob offers many features. Its surface is consistently flat, even over the extraction.This is thanks to the flush, centrally positioned Powermover. It concentrates the fan power on the respective cooking sides by being easy to move and position. The special inflow grid with tilted bars provides for cooking vapours to be collected powerfully. Even tall cooking pots are also no problem for the Downline. After cooking, cleaning is quick. The separator unit is easy to wipe out, all removable parts can easily be placed in the dishwasher.

And convincing extras
Sufficient light when preparing a meal is essential. An external light source can be connected, switched and even dimmed via the berbel induction hob. The intelligent construction of the Downline, combined with professional planning by the kitchen builder, ensures safety. Technology that inspires: easy installation and clean air in the kitchen.