Built-in hoods by berbel

The ideal solution for small kitchens
Built-in hoods by berbel

Limited living spaces
Mini apartments and tiny houses are topics that are frequently discussed in media nowadays. This social phenomenon is a consequence of demographical facts. The number of single households continues to increase and rising real estate and rent prices in cities prompt many couples and young families to opt for more compact housing. Urban living is also characterised by career nomads, who work in a city during the week and go home to their families at the weekend.

Small kitchens
This development has an impact on all industries related to construction and interior design. Mini apartments give way to micro apartments, especially in university cities. Small prefabricated houses are designed to fit onto the roofs of apartment buildings. Optimised fittings and interior design and careful planning of functional areas are required as a result. The smaller a kitchen, the more cleverly it must be devised to make it appear spacious and airy nevertheless. Limited space calls for a well-organised and ergonomic use of kitchen furniture. Kitchen technology has to meet these requirements, and must realise a top performance despite compact dimensions. 

Four models for clean air and maximum flexibility
With its product family of built-in hoods, berbel offers four models that provide for clean air and optimised odour binding. The Firstline, Firstline Touch, Firstline Unseen and Glassline models require little space, are visually understated and thanks to the berbel principle, they are also highly efficient. The patented berbel technology quietly, reliably and lastingly frees kitchens from vapour fumes and unpleasant odours. This is achieved purely by means of centrifugal force. 

The cooking vapours - consisting of air, water and fat - are sucked through a narrow but effective gap into the inside of the extractor hood. This force meets its partner at the entrance to the hood: Speed. Inside the hood, the flow is diverted through two bends. Centrifugal force is created in this process, a principle that is well-known in the kitchen from using a salad spinner. Fats and oils are hurled out of the air. They are separated practically soundlessly and the air can continue to flow uninterruptedly. The result: A consistently strong fat separating performance without any power-reducing fat filter technology.

Invisible helpers
The features of berbel‘s powerful, quiet built-in models leave room for individual kitchen design. Those who prefer something a little more outgoing may want to opt for the Glassline or Firstline Touch built-in hood. The Firstline built-in hood also offers a strong performance 
in really small spaces. The Firstline Unseen disappears in compact hanging cabinets, virtually invisibly. Particularly in compact kitchens, berbel‘s built-in hoods come into their own. Depending on the model, you can choose between recirculation and exhaust air mode. Thanks to EcoSwitch, berbel owners can even benefit from both operating modes, and choose the mode that fits the respective weather or cooking situation. In Winter, berbel recommends the energy-saving recirculation mode. The air is freed from odours by the hybrid filter and is directed back into the room. This means that the warm room air remains inside and no precious energy is wasted. Particularly in low-energy houses, this makes for both energy-saving and efficient air cleaning.  As an alternative to conventional recirculation filters, berbel has developed a closed filter system that can be integrated into a cupboard.

The system provides for vapour to be routed directly out of the cabinet from the hood and the inside of the cabinet is not touched by any humid air. Exhaust air mode can be used specifically if something has burned or for high-moisture cooking. The resulting smoke or humidity is banished outside at the push of a button.
berbel built-in hoods offer maximum flexibility along with top quality. Thanks to their flat shape, they fit into a hanging cabinet like a missing piece of a jigsaw puzzle. The compact installation method even leaves room for a spice rack. LED lighting provides for pleasant hob illumination.