berbel Downline Infinity with rotary knobs

Intuitive handling and straightforward control
berbel Downline Infinity with rotary knobs

Cooking with the Downline Infinity is a great experience. Five knobs for controlling all basic key functions of the fan and hob can be added to the front of the hob cabinet as an extra feature. Combining optimised function selection with the dynamic and material feel of a rotary knob, it is the perfect tool for cooking enthusiasts who enjoy great design. The sturdy and chunky rotary knobs with their high-quality latching mechanism that palpably secures the switching position and the colour scheme of the elegant LED lights provide for intuitive handling. Depending on the situation, the knobs light up in cool white or orange to aid the cooking process with changing colours and brightness levels. The special highlight: all settings can be read not on the knobs themselves, as is usually the case, but on the digital display on the hob. Cooking with berbel is to always stay on top of things: straightforward intuitive handling allows for smooth work flows on the hob without needing to lean back.


Outstanding accessories

The control knobs are a separate accessory that is only available for the Downline Infinity, and can be ordered against extra charge. Customers can choose between black and stainless steel knobs. They are truly outstanding design elements. Surface-mounted installation of the Downline Infinity is available for those who do not wish a flush installation. Hob frames in matt black and stainless steel that match the design of the control knobs are available for surface-mounted hobs. The result is a super stylish centrepiece that is a real eye-catcher for any kitchen. Innovative and sustainable: high quality, great design, comfortable operation and excellent functionality are combined in the Downline Infinity. The new hob extraction system does far more than simply absorb cooking and frying vapours.


Low-noise cooking

Disturbing others can really spoil the fun of cooking. This can easily happen with an open-plan kitchen that is linked to the living area, where other family members are watching TV, listening to music or simply relaxing. berbel connoisseurs are perfectly equipped for this type of contemporary living concept, even beyond reliable extraction of cooking and frying vapours.


Sustainable, noise-reducing surfaces

A new surface with a uniform design has been developed for the Downline Infinity and the other members of the Downline family. Induction cooking is a durable trend and it must be taken into account that while being extremely efficient, induction hobs are rather sensitive to abrasion from pots. The solution was designed by SCHOTT in the shape of noise-reducing paint and printing for hobs featuring Hightrans Rubio. This eco-friendly glass that is produced without any toxic additives, is coated with special lead-free paints that take the edge off scratching noises made by cookware.In addition, CERAN® Still Colors reduce friction on the hob surface, so pots and pans can be moved from one zone to another more smoothly. Metal abrasion is reduced as a result, as is the noise caused compared to hobs coated with conventional decorative paints.