Headroom hood Ergoline 2

The new Ergoline generation – Presented at Living Kitchen 2017

Headroom hood Ergoline 2

Tried and true: Timeless design paired with sophisticated technical details for top vapour capture efficiency. The Ergoline headroom hood is ideal for sophisticated kitchen designs. Thanks to our BackFlow technology, cooking vapours are effectively filtered from the air and condensation is prevented from forming on the front surface. The decorative glass is available in different colours to match any kitchen style.

Ergoline 2 – A design object with clever new details
For more planning freedom and an even better performance.

The new edition of berbel’s successful Ergoline headroom hood features optimised and advanced details. The powerful berbel principle was updated and a revised Capillar Trap was added for even more efficiency. This integrated residue separator captures and removes very small fat particles.

Unparalleled BackFlow technology provides for highly efficient vapour capturing and condensation free glass surfaces.  Thanks to its sophisticated ergonomic shape, the Ergoline 2 offers full freedom of movement while cooking.  The new cushioned and freely moving hinges ensure that the flap is opened smoothly and independently. The collection tray can be easily removed for comfortable cleaning.  The dimmable and colour temperature adjustable LED hob lighting can be controlled precisely via the operating panel. Indirect rear panel lighting makes the Ergoline 2 a design and light object for any kitchen that can be adjusted to blend in with the desired living atmosphere or be used as a statement piece.  The glass panel is available in white, black and metallic silver. Also available in special colours, at additional cost.

The features at a glance.

  • Efficient fat separation at a consistent level using the powerful berbel principle
  • Capillar Trap, the berbel collection system for very small particles for improved grease separation
  • Particularly energy-efficient and low-noise extractor hood with whisper-quiet EC fan motor
  • The front is now attached by means of a new hinge mounting system with integrated cushioning, to allow for the flap to be opened and closed comfortably
  • Innovative removable collection trays and perfectly finished easy to clean interior
  • BackFlow technology for top vapour capture efficiency and condensate-free decorative glass surfaces
  • Dimmable LED hob lighting with adjustable colour temperature, controlled via the convenient panel
  • Atmospheric indirect LED rear wall lighting
  • EcoSwitch preparation – recirculation and exhaust air operation

Dimensions: in 80 cm and 90 cm