New berbel trade fair products: Glassline island and wall-mounted hood

Glassline: Sleek, clean look combined with top vapour capturing efficiency and extra easy to clean
New berbel trade fair products: Glassline island and wall-mounted hood

Rheine, January 2017 – berbel’s tried and tested BackFlow technology for optimised vapour capture was used for the first time in an island and a wall-mounted extractor hood in the new fully equipped Glassline models that were presented at the Living Kitchen trade fair. With the berbel BackFlow technology, a sophisticated air routing concept is used to utilise and deliberately redirect the existing air flow. Vapour is thus guided to the suction intake and the hood’s capturing efficiency is significantly improved.
The newly developed separator unit of the island and wall-mounted Glassline hood comprises centrifugal separation and a Capillar Trap. The entire separator unit can be removed along with the collection tray and be cleaned in the dishwasher, conveniently and time-efficiently. The patented berbel principle allows for a lasting high degree of fat separation without any performance-reducing fat filters. Cooking vapours are sucked in through narrow gaps. When entering the hood, the air is accelerated and redirected in an arch. Fat particles are efficiently separated as a result and the air can escape freely. Finest residual particles are captured by the separator unit’s integrated Capillar Trap.

Its extra sleek body, clear appearance from below and black glass covers on both sides of the island hood, make this model the highlight of any kitchen. The “seamless” operating concept is concealed behind the front glass screen. It is smoothly integrated into the elegant design of the hood and it allows for comfortable control of the 4 fan levels incl. afterrun function, LED hob lighting and the EcoSwitch function. The extra low-noise and energy-efficient EC fan motor of the berbel Glassline island and wall-mounted hood has a free blowing fan capacity of 1,000 m²/h.
The berbel island hood Glassline is available in 100 cm width, and the wall-mounted Glassline hood is available in 90 cm width. From May 2017 both hoods are available as exhaust air or recirculation versions, with the berbel active carbon filter that absorbs up to 97 % of odours.